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General Insurance Solutions

Our products support the entire spectrum of insurance processes and operations spanning from the external sales and marketing processes through the various distribution channels which include agents, brokers and banks through to the internal operations that involve the management of intermediaries and service providers, policy administration, underwriting, customer services, claims management, compliance, reinsurance, etc.

Unit Trust

unit-thumbThe e-Pelaburan Pilihan Ahli (“e-PPA”) is an industry platform which provides a seamless process between the unit trust companies, the Employees Provident Fund (“EPF”) and their nominated bank for investment and redemption transactions using EPF


Legal Practice Management System

legal-thumbOur product “InfoGuardian” is a suite of solutions designed and developed to provide a cost effective Case, Document and Workflow Management solution for customers that can pre-build their workflow and document templates, standardizing numerous processes and thus enhancing productivity and efficiency.

InfoGuardian Connects Islamic Bank to its Property Valuation & Law Firm Network

Al Rajhi Bank is one of the largest Islamic banking group in the world and in their Malaysia operations, the bank decided to deploy the system InfoGuardian in their effort to streamline and manage their business process flow for both Conveyance and their Recovery divisions. 

Al Rajhi Bank, uses InfoGuardian to effectively track and trace the work of their external service providers, i.e. Property Valuation Companies and Legal Firms, in their day to day operations to ensure work is done and done in accordance to the bank’s policies.

InfoGuardian is further empowered to produce a large percentage of their weekly management reports referencing the performance of the internal personnel as well as the external service providers.

There are in excess of 3000 online InfoGuardian users within the Al Rajhi Bank network.

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