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General Insurance Solutions

Our products support the entire spectrum of insurance processes and operations spanning from the external sales and marketing processes through the various distribution channels which include agents, brokers and banks through to the internal operations that involve the management of intermediaries and service providers, policy administration, underwriting, customer services, claims management, compliance, reinsurance, etc.

Unit Trust

unit-thumbThe e-Pelaburan Pilihan Ahli (“e-PPA”) is an industry platform which provides a seamless process between the unit trust companies, the Employees Provident Fund (“EPF”) and their nominated bank for investment and redemption transactions using EPF


Legal Practice Management System

legal-thumbOur product “InfoGuardian” is a suite of solutions designed and developed to provide a cost effective Case, Document and Workflow Management solution for customers that can pre-build their workflow and document templates, standardizing numerous processes and thus enhancing productivity and efficiency.

MMIP Adopts Rexit Insurance Systems

The Malaysian Motor Insurance Pool (MMIP) was collectively set up in 1992 by the local insurance companies to provide motor insurance to vehicle owners who are unable to obtain insurance protection for their vehicles.

Since 2010, MMIP has recorded significant growth in gross written premiums. The growth is largely attributed to the increasing demand for MMIP cover as a result of stringent underwriting selection of motor insurance by market insurers.  As a result of this growth, MMIP decided to look at a system that could help increase their efficiency and reduce their operating costs.

MMIP has subsequently decided to implement the Integrated Insurance Management System and the e-Cover Online Transaction portal to replace its existing system.  Both these web-based systems will enable MMIP to operate more efficiently in terms of connectivity to its insurance servicing companies and the Pos Malaysia network.

The Rexit systems have been implemented on a Software as a Service (“SaaS”) basis which means that MMIP pays Rexit on a ‘Pay Per Use’ basis.  With this implementation, MMIP does not need to be responsible for the operations of their data centres, the hardware, software and application licences or their maintenance. This allows MMIP to focus on their operations while Rexit is responsible to ensure the provision of the agreed software services based on the stipulated Service Level Agreement.

 In addition to the implementation services and the provision of SaaS, Rexit also provided training of the various users on a Train the Trainer basis as well as an online training video on YouTube.

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