Terms of Reference
Remuneration Committee
1. Composition

The Remuneration Committee shall be appointed by the Board from amongst the Directors of the Company and shall comprise a majority of whom must be independent. The Chairman of the Remuneration Committee should be an Independent Director identified by the Board. The Company Secretary shall be the Secretary of the Remuneration Committee meeting.

2. Meeting & Quorum

The Remuneration Committee shall meet at least once in every year. The presence of the majority of the Independent Non-Executive Directors shall form the quorum of the meeting.

3. Roles & Responsibilities

The duties of the Remuneration Committee are as follows:-

  1. To establish and recommend the remuneration structure and policy for Executive Directors and Senior Management;
  2. To review and recommend the remuneration packages for each of the Executive Directors and Senior Management;
  3. To review with the Executive Directors, their goals and objectives and to assess their performance against these objectives as well as their contribution to the corporate strategy.